Thursday, April 19, 2012

The thing about faction changing

I recently made the switch from Alliance to Horde, and with that comes a whole new gaming experience. Especially now that the newness of Cataclysm is long gone and there's little to do, it's refreshing to see things from the other side.

So, now that June is a Blood Elf, what have I learned?

1. I am not much of a quester, but since I've been levelling an alt on the Horde side, questing has become fun. Horde quests and lore seem much more humorous and interesting than the Alliance quests in Cataclysm.
2. I missed how boots look on characters. I've never really seen them since her hooves were always in the way.
3. Orgrimmar is a maze, but I do like it. Actually, Thunderbluff has become my next favorite city, eventhough that one is a maze, too.
4. Who is Gamon?
5. I constantly automatically go to Alliance bases and flightpaths. Old habits die hard!
6. On the same note, is it just me or are there more Alliance bases and settlements than horde ones?

Gamon: the strong and silent type?
Initially I was switching faction out of curiosity and a change of scene, but as it ends up, I really like the Horde. The Horde lore is very interesting. Any tips on must-do lore questing zones?

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