Saturday, October 22, 2011

A good day for hunters

Thanks to a very kind and generous guildie, I have been able to follow some of the things going on at Blizz Con via livestream (just a little, since the Blizz Con time shedule isn't very European time-zone friendly). The new info they released on the class and talent changes, the new areas and of course the introduction of the Pandaren is very exciting, but there is one thing in paticular that absolutely warms my heart.

There will be no more minimum range!

This also means that melee weapons for hunters will be a thing of the past, and with that, it is likely that spells like Raptor Strike and Wing Clip will be gone too. Hunters will be the only class able to wield bows and guns. We will also get (customizable) quivers on our backs, though they will probably be cosmetic only. Awesome!

In other news, the new talent system looks very promising; if anything, a lot more "clean" than it is now. You can check out all the talent screenshots - and breakdown - here.

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In the same spirit, pets will now no longer belong to a specfic pet family. This is great - I can imagine a whole lot of hunters bringing their Terrorpenes for raids! I wonder if this also means they will make spirit beasts and exotic pets available to all hunter specs- though I don't think that's very likely. Ah well, a hunter can dream ;-)

As Blizz Con furthers, I am sure we will be let in with more hunter and non-hunter related information. Until that time, I know I will be keeping a close eye on the livestream...

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